Confectionary - At G&B DIRECT you will find all the major manufactures such as Mars, Nestle, Cadburys, Pladis at very competitive prices

Aero Milk 24s
Aero Peppermint 24s
Bounty Milk 24x57g
Cadburys Flake 48x32g
Cadburys Picnic 36s
Cadburys Star Bar 36s
Cadburys Twirl 48x43g
Cadburys Wispa 48x36g
Drifter 48s
Galaxy Caramel 24x42g
Kinder Bueno
Kinder Bueno White
Kit Kat 4 Finger 24s
Kit Kat Chunky 24s
Lion Bar 36s
M&M Chocolate 24s
M&M Crispy 24s
M&M Peanut 24s
Maltesers 25x37g
Maltesers 40s
Mars 24s
Mars 48s
Milky Bar Medium 40s
Milky Way Double
Milky Way Magic Stars
Milky Way Single
Minstrels 40x42g
Oreo Snack Pack
Polo Mint 32s
Revels 36s
Revels Pouch 15x112g
Rolos 36s
Rowntrees Randoms 36s
Skittles Fruit 36s
Skittles Sours 36s
Smarties Hexatube 24s
Snickers 24s
Snickers 48s
Starburst Fruit 24s
Teaser 24s
Toffee Crisp 24s
Twirl Orange 48x43g
Twix 25s
Twix 32s
Wine Gums Rolls 40s
Yorkie Milk 24s
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