Crisps & Snacks

We provide a wide range on our Crisps and Snack category to cater for any sector Education, Clubs and Pubs, Sandwich Shops major brands from Walkers, McCoys, Q Scratchings, Mini Cheddars, Seabrooks.

Cheeselets Carded 18s
Hula Hoops 32s Bbq
KP Cashew Nuts 12s
KP Chilli Nuts 21x50g
KP Salted Nuts 21x50g
Lemon Slices 460g Tub
Peperami Hot 24x22.5g
Pipers 24x40g Chorizo
Ploughmans Lunch 8s
Q Chilli Nuts 12s
Q Salted Nuts 24x50g
Quavers Grab Bag
Quavers Standard 32s
Skips 24s
Twiglets Carded 12s
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